The Twin Local Organiser Network

The Twin Local Organiser Network

Become a Local Organiser with Twin and join the Twin Local Organiser Network. Enjoy guaranteed bookings, travel accommodation industry insights, and expert support. As part of our network, you'll have access to exclusive training, workshops, and shared best practices designed to elevate your success.

What is a Local Organiser?

A local organiser harnesses a network of contacts in a designated area to arrange short-term accommodation for visiting international students. These networks often consist of personal connections, such as friends and family.

Benefits of Being a Local Organiser

  • Additional Income: Boost your earnings while working flexibly.
  • Flexibility: It doesn't demand much of your time. Many of our hosts continue working while hosting students.
  • No fixed hours: Work on your terms. Choose when you work.

What does a Local Organiser do?

  • Cultivates a network of 12+ hosts who are willing to accommodate students.
  • Recruit, manage and foster relationships with homestay hosts.
  • Relay essential details between Twin and the hosts for all group arrivals.
  • Arrange appropriate coach arrival meeting points and daily pick-up/drop-off points.
  • Ensures hosts meet and adhere to Twin standards.

Are you ready to join?


  • What does Twin expect from a Local Organiser?

    • Develop a network of homestay hosts able to provide group accommodation for one to three groups per arrival date (a group is one coach of up to 50 students plus a driver and three to four teachers).
    • Arrange the accommodation services for groups, including accommodation arrangements and meal provisions, for up to four students per host.
    • Designate for coach meeting points (like a car park or suitable coach stop).
    • Ensure families provide daily pick-up and drop-off services to and from the meeting points.
    • Facilitate payment to homestay hosts at the end of a group's stay.
  • Where are the students from?

    • Primarily, students are from France, which constitutes 80% of our group travel market. We also host groups for School Integration from Asia, Italy, and the Gulf markets. All students are from the same school/group and are accompanied by their teachers.
  • Students' Activities?

    • Students primarily explore the local area and attractions by coach. In addition, school integration students are expected to attend daily a British state school.
  • When do groups typically travel?

    • Groups travel from February to June and October to December, with the peak season being between March to May.
    • Groups typically arrive mid-week, between Tuesday and Thursday.
    • 90% of our groups stay Tuesday to Thursday, while school integration groups stay longer, typically two to three weeks.
  • What can I expect from Twin as a Local Organiser?

    • Upfront payment for each group.
    • Business development support and operational guidance.
    • Comprehensive training on safeguarding requirements.
    • Access to a dedicated partner platform, where you can update your details, availability, and gather information 
    • Regular training and networking events to share best practices.
  • Earning Potential?

    • Earn a nightly fee per person, for coordinating accommodations and other services.
    • Typical earnings from £600 per visiting group.