Our tours can be fully customised to your requirements, giving you control over the level and type of educational content your group receives

Educational Tours

Twin School Group Travel’s wide range of educational school trips are an ideal way of enriching students’ knowledge of specific subjects whilst experiencing the excitement of travelling. The School Group Travel Team can cater to a wide variety of needs; we arrange inspiring UK tours for groups travelling both from abroad and within the UK, as well as tours in Europe and the rest of the world. You’ll find a selection of our recommended tours here. However, we can offer much more as we aim to meet the needs of every individual group, so use our tours for inspiration but feel encouraged to combine tours and excursions and request anything you want to be added on to a trip.

For tours in the UK, we can organise English lessons to fit in with your tour, to add yet another dimension of learning to your students’ school trip. In addition, students will be able to practise their English through Twin’s online learning environment, Twin e-Learning (TeL), so while they’re in the UK speaking English they can reinforce their knowledge by practising in their free time.

We have a number of subject-based tours, aimed at engaging students and expanding their knowledge in specific fields.

Our themed tours are educational in a more general sense, and are focussed on giving students the opportunity to see famous sights and discover different cultures.

We also offer multi-city tours, which are ideal for making the most out of a stay in the UK and experiencing different areas, from vibrant London to the picturesque Cotswolds. The options available in Europe are limitless; contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help create the perfect trip, tailored to your requirements.

Our sister company, Work & Volunteer, organises volunteering opportunities for school groups across the globe, which can provide young people with a life-changing experience.

Whatever type of tour you’re looking for, we’ll work closely with you to create the perfect school trip for your group.



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