Become a
Local Organiser

Are you interested in becoming a Local Organiser?

Become a Local Organiser

Lots of friends, gregarious and business minded?

 If this is you then become a Twin Local Organiser!

All you need is 12 to 15 friends or family members who can accommodate international students attending our school group tours commencing in Spring 2015. This opportunity is fun, rewarding and long term!


What does a Local Organiser do?

  • Recruits homestay hosts and controls health and safety standards
  • Sends the necessary paperwork to the hosts and students
  • Assigns students to homestays when Twin sends a booking
  • Organises pick up and drop off for the students every day

Why be a Local Organiser?

  • Earn an additional income
  • Being a Local Organiser does not take up much of your time, as most of our representatives continue working
  • No fixed hours - you choose when to do your work


If you would like to have an informal discussion to learn more about this opportunity please complete the form below:


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